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Frequently Asked Questions About CeDiploma

Where do I go to get access to my CeDiploma?

You can obtain your CeDiploma through the student portal which has a direct link to CeCredentialTrust, a third party vendor of the University.

Can I obtain an electronic copy of my diploma if I graduated prior to May 2017?

Currently a CeDiploma is available only for Adelphi University May 2017 graduates and forward.

Can I download the CeDiploma? Can I send it via email to others?

Yes, you can download a digitally signed copy of your CeDiploma. You can then email it to anyone you desire, and it will retain the Adobe Digital Signature and CeDiD for validation purposes.

How do I know if the CeDiploma I received is valid?

There are two ways to validate your electronic diploma.

  1. Validate online: The CeDiploma or CeCertificate can be validated through Adelphi’s website using a 12-digit Certified Electronic Document ID (CeDiD*), along with the first two letters of the name as it appears on the document. The validation link will appear on the second page of the document.
  2. Digital Signature: Each CeDiploma and CeCertificate is digitally signed by CeCredential Trust. When the document is viewed through Adobe Reader or Acrobat versions 9.0 or higher, it will display a blue ribbon across the top of the document to indicate that the document has not been tampered with, and is therefore authentic.

    (Please note: Other PDF/digital readers and some mobile devices may not be able to show the Digital Signature/Blue Ribbon.)

What is CeCredential Trust and why does it appear on my CeDiploma?

CeCredential Trust is the name of the service used to digitally sign the CeDiploma and verify its authenticity.

When I view my CeDiploma on my iPhone/iPad it does not load completely or does not display properly.

Loading and display issues are usually caused by older versions of the iOS operating system and/or the PDF viewer that your browser users to open the document. You may need to update one or both to the most current version to view your CeDiploma.

I am using a web browser to open the PDF, but it will not open properly.

The CeDiploma is best viewed in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.  Some features may not be available when viewed in a web browser’s default viewer. Please change the default viewer in your web browser so that it utilizes Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

Mac users: CeDiploma and CeCertificate use Adobe’’s secure certified PDF technology and must be viewed using the free Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or higher. The default Mac preview application will not display the document correctly.

I have a hold on my record: can I receive my CeDiploma?

Requests from current or former students with unmet obligations to the university (e.g., holds) cannot be honored. To resolve financial holds, please contact Student Financial Services.

What if I try to print my CeDiploma?

The CeDiploma has printing disabled so it cannot be printed. Your CeDiploma is official as long as it is digital.

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